Over Under Shotguns

The over-under shotgun designation refers to the vertical orientation of the shotgun’s barrels stacked on top of one another.  Typically over-under shotguns utilize a break action in which the barrels hinge down exposing the breech ends for unloading and reloading.  This makes for easy loading and reloading and increased safety by leaving the shotgun open to observe whether or not it is loaded.  An advantage of the break action is it allows for a more compact design while being able to utilize longer barrels that aid in increased velocity so you have a smaller overall package without sacrificing performance.  The two barrels allow for a quick follow-up shot and the versatility to use different chokes at the same time so you can be ready for any challenge you may face.  Over-under shotguns are a beautiful design and will serve you well from hunting to sporting clays.

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