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The 10mm Auto ammunition is a powerful cartridge that was developed in the early 1980s by Jeff Cooper and introduced by the ammunition manufacturer, Dornaus & Dixon. It was initially created for the FBI, who wanted a cartridge with superior stopping power compared to the 9mm and .45 ACP.

There are various types of 10mm Auto ammunition available for sale, including full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds for target shooting and self-defense rounds with hollow points for maximum stopping power. The FMJ rounds are commonly used for practice and training purposes, while the hollow point rounds are designed to expand upon impact, causing greater damage to the target.

Some popular manufacturers of 10mm Auto ammunition include Winchester, Federal, Hornady, and Remington. These manufacturers produce high-quality ammunition that is reliable, accurate, and consistent in performance.

Potential buyers of 10mm Auto ammunition include law enforcement agencies, self-defense enthusiasts, and competitive shooters. Law enforcement agencies often choose the 10mm Auto for its superior stopping power, while self-defense enthusiasts appreciate its effectiveness in personal protection. Competitive shooters may opt for this cartridge due to its flat trajectory and manageable recoil.

Whether you are looking for ammunition for target shooting, self-defense, or competition, the 10mm Auto offers a versatile and powerful option. Explore our selection of 10mm Auto ammunition for sale to find the perfect rounds for your needs.

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