Used Weatherby Mark V 338 Win Mag 24" Barrel

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The Weatherby Mark V chambered in .338 Winchester Magnum defines durability and steadfast performance. Designed for serious hunters and long-range shooters, this rifle is built around the renowned Mark V action. The 24-inch barrel optimizes maneuverability and velocity, making it versatile enough for a wide range of shooting conditions. Its length ensures that the potent .338 Win Mag will reach its full ballistic potential.

Constructed to meet the highest standards, this Mark V model incorporates advanced materials and engineering solutions to deliver an incredibly sturdy and reliable firearm. The barrel is made from high-quality steel, ensuring exceptional accuracy and long service life. It is mated with the inherent strengths of the Mark V action, which includes a nine-lug bolt design for superior safety and integrity. The rifle provides an unmatched level of consistency shot after shot. It has a well-contoured stock and intuitively placed controls, creating a comfortable and natural shooting experience.

The Weatherby Mark V chambered in .338 Winchester Magnum with a 24-inch barrel is a top-tier choice for those pursuing big game. It combines Weatherby's long history of reliability and craftsmanship with the raw power and precision of the .338 Win Mag cartridge. Whether stalking elk through dense forests or taking precision shots from a mountaintop, this rifle offers an unequaled blend of accuracy, power, and reliability.

Categories: Bolt Action Rifles
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Weatherby
Model: Mark V
Caliber: 338 Win Mag
Vendor: Gunprime
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