Additional Info RUG BLKHWK 41M REV 6.5B
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Model New Model Blackhawk

Used Ruger Old Model Blackhawk 41 Mag 6.5" Barrel Circa 1970

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This Ruger comes as pictured, no box.

The Ruger Old Model Blackhawk, chambered in .41 Magnum, is a testament to the power and performance of classic single-action revolvers. This Blackhawk model combines the traditional aesthetics of the 19th-century Old West with modern manufacturing to provide a reliable and robust firearm. Its .41 Magnum chambering is less typical than .44 or .357 but appreciated by many for its balance of power and recoil. The round makes it a versatile choice for both hunting and target shooting.

This model features a 6.5-inch barrel, confirming the accuracy potential of the .41 Magnum round. The longer barrel improves sight radius, leading to more precise shooting, especially at longer distances. The heavy construction of the Blackhawk adds weight to the gun, which can help mitigate the recoil of the potent .41 Magnum.

The Ruger Old Model Blackhawk offers an ideal blend of classic design and modern engineering. Whether you're a collector drawn to its nostalgic charm, a hunter seeking a reliable and powerful sidearm, or a target shooter looking for precision, this revolver is a worthy addition to any firearm collection. Ruger's dedication to quality and performance is evident in every aspect of this Old Model Blackhawk.

Categories: Revolvers
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Ruger
Model: Blackhawk
Caliber: 41 Mag
Vendor: Gunprime
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