CZ Scorpion Evo Bullpup Kit 40600

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CZ has come through with another innovative design. The bullpup kit is ready to be installed in no time. The included user and installation manual is very detailed and will make the experience very easy. Note that you will have to use a Scorpion rifle and the kit is NOT left hand friendly. Take it home and have fun installing it. Then have the real fun, shooting it at the range!


The Scorpion Bullpup Kit is able to convert any Scorpion over to a bullpup configuration. It reuses trigger components of the gun being converted and condenses the Scorpion down to an even smaller package. The ideal candidate for conversion is the Scorpion Carbine, and the bullpup chassis ties into our standard carbine handguard as well as Manti Core and HB Industries long handguards. With the addition of one of those handguards, Scorpion pistols can be converted as well, though doing so with a barrel length less than 16" will require proper paperwork/tax stamp and conversion of the pistol to an SBR. For those who will want to modify their Scorpion Bullpup, it retains the ability to take aftermarket grips, trigger shoes, charging handles, and magazine releases.


Model Scorpion Bullpup Kit
UPC 806703406008
SKU 40600
Width 4.70
Length 17.70
Height 3.90
Weight 2.95
Finish Black
Search Code CZ
Series Scorpion
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Type Stock
Categories: Accessories
Condition: New
Manufacturer: CZ USA
SKU: 806703406008
MPN: 40600
UPC: 806703406008
Vendor: Gunprime
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