CHIAPPA FIREARMS Rhino 40DS, .357 Mag, 4" Barrel, Fiber Optic Front Sight, Walnut Grip, 3 Moon Clips, Black, 6-Rd

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Unconventional In Appearance And Superior By Performance, The Rhino Fires From The Bottom Of The Cylinder Rather Than The Top. The Rhino Revolver Design Features A Lower Bore Axis Compared To Other Revolvers. This Means The Barrel Is Directly In Line With The Shooters Hand, Wrist And Arm. This Results In Almost No Muzzle Rise And, Because Energy Is Better Absorbed And Controlled By The Entire Arm, It Reduces The Amount Of Recoil Felt By The Shooter. In Addition, The Alignment Also Gives The Shooter A More Natural Point Of Aim. An Aluminum Alloy Frame And Barrel Shroud Make The Rhino Lightweight And Easy To Carry. The Snag Resistant “Hammer” Is Actually A Cocking Device Because Of The Rhino’s Innovative Completely Enclosed Firing Mechanism Which Can Be Fired Either Single Or Double Action. The Hexagonal Cylinder Keeps The Revolver’s Width To A Minimum. Accessory Rails On The Bottom Of The Barrel Shroud On The 4”, 5” And 6” Barrel Models Easily Allow Mounting Lights Or Lasers.

Condition: New
Manufacturer: CHIAPPA
Model: RHINO
Caliber: 357 Mag
SKU: GNX- 340.219
MPN: 340.219
UPC: 8053670712140
Vendor: Gnxgunexchange
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