Additional Info CHT UNDERCOVR 32H&R DA REV 2SS
UPC 678958732202
MPN 73220
Model Undercoverette

Charter Firearms Undercoverette 32 H&R Stainless Steel 2" Barrel 73220

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You may never have considered a 32 for concealed carry. But Charter's Undercoverette is out to change your mind. This revolver offers potent Magnum stopping power making it ideal for home protection. Yet it has a short 2 inches barrel making it easy to conceal and carry. The Undercoverette also offers lighter recoil, making it a comfortable revolver for recreational shooting. Safety, reliability, stopping power, less recoil-the Undercoverette delivers.



Type: Standard Hammer

Series/Collection: Undercoverette

Action: Single/Double

Caliber/Gauge: 32 Harrington & Richardson Magnum

Capacity: 6

Sight: Fixed

Grip Type: Full, Black Rubber

Frame Material: Stainless Steel

Barrel Finish: Stainless

Frame Finish: Stainless

Barrel Length: 2"

Overall Length: 3-3/4"

Weight: 16 oz

Cylinder Finish: Stainless

Frame Size: Small


Categories: Revolvers
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Charter Firearms
Model: Undercoverette
Caliber: 32 Mag
SKU: 678958732207
MPN: 73220
UPC: 678958732207
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (1)
By This is a great gun! on 05/03/22
Charter is building quality

I bought this gun because I wanted a 32 magnum or 327 magnum and was not excited by S&W prices or availability so when I saw this I bought it blindly with no prior knowledge. Imagine my surprise when I saw with todays fit and finish on a Charter pistol. The pistol is two toned with the stainless steel parts being a darker grey than the aluminum frame parts and it looks sharpe. Double action trigger pull is smooth and light and single is crisp. The sight picture is as clear as any sight of this type could be. I expected a ho hum gun like Charter used to be and this turned out be a great gun! Did I mention 12 oz. light? Put it in a pocket holster and carry it all day.
Nothing is perfect! See those big rubber grips? Unless you are a really big man not so good at all. Order a set of Charters Rosewood grips for the pistol. 35.00 bucks and a big improvement for a snag free smaller environment and less like to "print" carrying concealed.Sig. 365XL weighs 26oz.. The Charter weighs 12oz. and carrying concealed all day that weight does make a difference and if you can't get the job done with 6 hollow points from a 32 magnum maybe the "other guy" deserves "a turn".

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